Our Projects

including, but not limited to

Saraya Al Andalus was honored to work on implementation of many projects, With various Great actors have always been keen to provide the best potential, The translation quality is made into concrete results in all of the sites that have been working out, Accordingly, we supply you some of the projects, And on but not limited to, A group of the most important projects, the largest of which we are proud to be part of them


Not suffice in Saraya al-Andalus Foundation with distinction only our name in the field of drilling, but recently we have sought to develop our field, is what made us compete in the field of roads and asphalt, and the result we get the rating on the fourth level of the city of Riyadh, in the field of public roads.

We show you a chart from which drilling projects and filling ratio, the ratio of road projects and asphalt, which are honored to work on:


  • Excavation and Backfilling Projects 58%
  • Roads and asphalt 42%

Photo sporadic for some of our projects